Dj Marky N

About Me

Based in Blackpool, the party capital of the uk.

House is my "baby" jackn' to anthems, thats where it starts and ends. I do remember the days of "Bonkers" and there were some great tracks form this era which its nice to dally into.

Its all about the party! I do like to get sp,e gppd bass drops into the show, give the neighbours something to really complain about.

What Music Means to Me

Its always been about mood setting, As the Dj feeling the vibe, Pushing the boundries and getting new artists heard

Our Programs

Playing 40 to 1 all the Top 40, Sprinled with interviews and chat every week.
Letting rip with no controll. I love the House. Its Let The Neighbours Complain
So from hearing what your listening to in the local clubs, I am mixing it live. The Club comes to you

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